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Meeting of the Southern North Island Beekeeping Group Inc.

It's a while since the website has been updated. Most things are now put on our FaceBook page.


The group has been quite active. Members have put in submissions to the Minister on the AFB PMP propose cost increase and we have also seen the Minister of Agriculture. We received very good advice from one of our members to only ask for things that the Minister can easily achieve.

We only had five minutes with the Minister as he had to give a speech in the House but we spent three quarters of an hour with MPI Officials which was very productive. The main purpose was to secure further funding to complete the MPI Pathogens Programme and this was successful. We also asked for minor things to do with the PMP Board to make them compliant like have up-to-date minutes on the website and look at the representation of the Board. There are at present two vacancies on the Board.

In September we held a very successful Spring Field Day at the Newbury Hall, with speakers from MPI covering the pathogens programme and tutin testing among other things. It was a completely refreshing approach that MPI officers. They are willing to talk to beekeepers on Food Safety problems.

We are fortunate that our commercial and hobby beekeepers are so willing to share their knowledge to help beekeepers in our area. We discussed hive conditions, reading a hive and then went out and checks hives Allan had brought in for the occasion. They were in marvellous condition being full of bees to the point they needed more supers. The bees had hooked onto a willow flow and were flying like made with thousands of bees in the air. The photos are quite impressive. The bees looked like rain.

Great catering from the Newbury school committee and we pick a really good day weather wise. A fine day between a week of rainy weather. The only disappointment was that only 60 beekeepers attended. Not many local beekeepers.

At present we are planning for Camp Rangi for February 2020. The facility is booked, the marquee and catering is booked and we are getting the programme together. The cost of running this has gone up considerable so we need a good attendance to break even. This time we are catering for those with a couple of years or more experience. Fine tuning your beekeeping. Camp Rangi Woods is a camp experience, bunk beds, communal facilities but you are welcome to bring your own camper or tent or be a day attendee if you live locally. See the flyer on this website or our FaceBook page.

Next Monthly meeting is in November 5th at the Newbury Hall starting at 10.30 am. Meetings usually finish just after 2 pm. The political side is covered but mostly we concentrate on what's happen in our hives and answer question brought forward by members. Currently we have 167 members representing over 22,000 hives. Membership is $10 a year April to March.

The December meeting and Christmas get-together will be held on the 30 November at Gary Sinkinson's Man Cave starting about 2.30 pm. Bring a plate. We hold this early as we will all be concentrating on our bees once the honey flow starts in December.

Southern North Island Beekeeping Group Ltd