Southern North Island Beekeeping Group Ltd

Meeting of the Southern North Island Beekeeping Group Inc.

We are a group of older and newer beekeepers, with membership drawn from both commercial businesses and hobby representatives from clubs based in the Lower North Island.

The Southern North Island Branch (formally the South Western District) of the National Beekeepers Association was formed in 1972. When the name of the National body and the constitution changed to Api New Zealand in 2016, we formed an association with ApiNZ retaining our branch name and finances. At the time members felt the changes went too far and that we could loose our identity. We gave the new organisation two years to adjust.

Some of our members felt that this was not working so in May 2018 we formed a separate group rather than divide the membership.

Most of the older beekeepers learnt their beekeeping from other beekeepers and Ministry Advisory Officers. These Advisory Officers were available to all beekeepers for free advice and assisted in the field. They also organised week and weekend courses that covered Introduction to Commercial Beekeeping, Queen Rearing and Introductory Beekeeping courses for new hobby beekeepers. All this was lost through different Government policies cutting back Ministry staff which started with “User Pays”. Some of this has been replaced with adhoc courses run by training institutions.

There was an unwritten code of ethics. Beekeepers fitted in with each other, worked out where to place hives that didn’t impact one another and assisted each other when times were tough. We were considered Angels of Agriculture as honey bees pollination is essential for pastoral farming and horticulture.

Our aim is to educate and cultivate beekeeping in our area. We do this through monthly meetings, newsletters, field days and buzz weekends.

We are also interested in the politics that control our activities and will assist beekeepers with problems and advice.

We meet monthly at Newbury Hall, Palmerston North starting with morning tea which gives members time to catch up. The meeting proper start at 10:30 am.

All are welcome.

Southern North Island Beekeeping Group Ltd