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World Honey Report by Ron Phipps

from the American Bee Journal September 2018.

Food fraud now costs $8 Billion a year. Honey is ranked third in the world. Intolerance to fraud is growing.

In recent years there's been a honey export explosion to Eastern countries. Honey fraud has caused downward pressure on pure honey prices resulting in oversupply, a disincentive for producers to export pure honey and an increase in new exporters, re-exporting cheap imports.

There is a new test that can now identify C3 and C4 sugars in honey and where these come from.

After reading this report, you should realise how import it is that we have total traceability of our honey so that it can be authenticated as genuine New Zealand honey, and that it should be of as high a quality as you can produce. Our reputation survives on our quality which is only as good as the last shipment.

The first thing were saw in USA was the test results of manuka honey taken from supermarket shelves by CBS News. Three out of the five brands failed. The level of activity did not match what was on the label.

Take care that you don't over-feed sugar syrup - swap to raw sugar before the flow starts. Bees will ignore raw sugar as soon as the flow starts. Becareful to sort honey boxes when you extract this year. Too much of anything can down grade your honey.

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