Southern North Island Beekeeping Group Ltd

Meeting of the Southern North Island Beekeeping Group

Held at Newbury Hall Palmerston North – 15 May 2018 10:30 am

Gary Welcomed everybody and ask everyone to introduce themselves. Present: Mary-Ann and Frank Lindsay, Allan Richards, Gary Sinkinson, Neil Farrer, Kate Smith, Gavin Lambert, Peter Meyer, Chris and Tony Valentine, Jake Schultz, Daniel Mason, Maree Docherty, Linda Welch, Anne Hulme, Janice and John Brandon, Jake Schultz, Michael Brandon, Sarah McMillan Apologies: Paul Jenkins, Kevin Gibbs, Gaylene Reid, Sue Walker, Stuart Fraser, Trevor Gillbanks, Vaughan Kearns


Constitution: Neil Farrer

South North Island Beekeeping Group Incorporated. Neil went through the clauses relating to this. We can have a special general meeting and change the name if so desired.

Tony didn’t want us to be too narrow a group – Gary gave an explanation as to why we gave it this name.

Neil tabled the constitution.

Neil Proposed (one person abstained) Allan Seconded – passed Gary advised we need to push now to get membership. Have a look at establishing a website for free information:

Motion – we establish a website. Domain Name: Southern North Island ( SNI ) Beekeeping Group. Everyone will be asked to assist with the website, to be scribes. Information will be sent to Frank who will develop and maintain it at this point.

We should consider having a field day /Launch of the newly formed group. Will follow up on this once the establishment admin and initial membership list etc is completed

Tony Coard / Gary

Bank Account – we need to wait for Neil to establish Constitution. Signatures to become an Incorporated Society will be obtained today.

The branch will apply to the SNI Education Trust for a loan of $500.00 for establishment costs

Chris / Tony Valentine

Members should be aware AFB levys, there are now late payment penalties and these accounts are now been sent onto Debt Collection agencies. This has always been in place but they are now going to implement it.

Allan advised Duncan Storrier from Midland Seeds has passed away.

There was a discussion regarding boundary riding / fence hopping. MPI have considered regulations. They have been advised it is now too late to implement this. It really comes down to Good Beekeeping Practice and Management. Some consider that overstocking will sort itself out. There are signs this is already happening. Beekeepers are realizing overstocking = less or no honey. Likely this will only take 2 – 3 years.

Maree advised of the issues she is trying to tackle with letters to MPs and Comvita. She is concerned that larger Companies are wiping out the ecosystem in areas. There is only a limited amount of pollen and their overstocking is detrimental to the ecosystem. This is not good beekeeping practice and should stop.

Frank advised Porirua Council in their policy does not differentiate between rural and urban properties. Essentially to place hives in an area the property owner needs to get permission from their neighbours. This could be an answer to the overstocking problem.

Gary advised of a family that had a real problem with overstocking over summer. Their neighbor had beehives on their property. Their home became a pathway both sides of their home for the bees. They could not go outside. Gary went over to talk with them found there was a real issue just getting out of his vehicle. None of the councils could help them. They eventually moved out for a short period. Work Safe are looking at fining the owner of the hives.

UCOL Jake discussed the development of a Level 4 Course at Ucol. He wanted feedback from the beekeepers as to what they want to see in a course what would be valuable when hiring an employee. Did they feel a Level 4 course would be beneficial. He would like to have some 1:1 discussions with beekeepers – please contact him if you have anything to add to this.

Gary has just had his audit – alerted everyone to the increase fees. For members to note.

Allan want letter to Parliament Primary Industries Committee to alert them to the continuous changes and costs etc for holding an RMP. Gary has suggested to hold this until the establishment of our group has been completed.

He also suggested that we write to the Parliament Primary Productions Select Committee inquiry into honey suggesting some positive solutions to some of the issues raised in the inquiry. Frank to follow up on this with Allan and Neil.

Meeting Closed – 2:00 pm Next meeting Tuesday 3 July 2018

Southern North Island Beekeeping Group Ltd