Southern North Island Beekeeping Group Ltd

Meeting of the Southern North Island Beekeeping Group

Held at Newbury Hall Palmerston North – 2 October 2018 10:30 am

Present: Mary-Ann and Frank Lindsay, Gary Sinkinson, Neil Farrer, Kate Smith, Peter Meyer, Maree Docherty, Anne Hulme, Jake Schultz, Trevor Gillbanks, Tony Coard, Kevin Gibbs, Chris Valentine, Colin Greig, Tony Valentine, Allan Richards, Brent Morgan,Gavin Lambert, Vaughan Kearns,Lawrie Duncan, Paul Jenkins,
Apologies: Carlos Zevallos, John Livingston,

Minutes of the Previous Meeting: these have been emailed to everyone and also read out at the meeting.
Moved: Tony / Seconded: Trevor - Carried

Matters Arising:

The letter to BQual has been written and will be sent for their next meeting.
Trevor is still looking for AFB hive to test the new kit.
Allan has completed and sent in the submission re MPI amending the Domestic Market requirements to the new definition of Manuka + a letter to the minister. All information regarding the DNA markers have been included. Thanks to Allan for all the work he has been putting into correspondence.
Moved: Tony/ Seconded Frank - carried

Kevin also put in a submission. There was discussion regarding selling honey based on different markers.

Sue Walker will follow up on an article for the history section of the website. We will have a guest Ben for the November meeting – who oversees the survelliance systems in NZ Biosecurity has been invited to come and talk to us.
Discussion held regarding GIA – there is some urgency that we get clarification of this and the effect it will have on beekeepers. Frank has been involved in discussions and exercises for the past 3 years – namely dealing with what could happen if we get an incursion. Potential incursions could be one of many – EFB, Hive Beetle, Asian Hornet, Tracheal mites…. Lawrie advised that argentine ants are already in Kapiti and causing problems.
We need to get someone along from the GIA committee to talk us through the details. If we can the November meeting which will mean we may need to postpone Ben coming until a later date.
There is to be a further Pathogen meeting this week. Neil will attend. Hopefully Roger Bray will be there. Should be able to get a progress report regarding the freezer from this.

Financial Report:

Mary-Ann advised the account at TSB our current account has a balance of $1055.70 We have 87 paid up members. All accounts are paid. Still to come is the account for the raspberry pie – ie Internet.
Kate has sent an email to those members on our email list that have not completed a registration form. She will send a final email giving everyone 10 days to complete the registration form if no response we will delete their name from our mailing list.

We need a motion from this meeting regarding the TSB account and some amendments to the administration of the TSB accounts.
The motion is as follows -
The address for the bank statements are to be sent to the Treasurer Mary-Ann Lindsay 26 Cunliffe Street, Wellington 6037. All agree the Mary-Ann Lindsay is to have internet on-line banking view only access to the TSB bank accounts.
Moved: Neil/Seconded Kevin: Carried

Correspondence from 5 September to 2 October

Out: 7 September – email to Ann Probert Taranaki Group invite to join our group with the application and information sheet attached. She will distribute to her group.

  • 10 September – Letter from Frank to Jernej Bubnic invite to come to visit NZ and outline of the planned programme.
  • 10 September – Letter to Minister Damien OConnor re AFB Levy
  • 14 September – Reply to Duncan Cotterill
  • 18 September - Letter to CEO ApiNZ re Commodity Levy
  • 24 September – email to those recipients of our Emails who have not completed membership application.

In –

  • 7 September Response from Sue Walker – she will be happy to orgainise an article about Merv Farrington for the history part of the website.
  • 10 September – response from Jernej Bubnic .
  • 18 September - Response from CEO ApiNZ to our letter re Commodity Levy
  • 24 September 2018 – Letter from Minister – re Proposed Increase to AFB NPM Levy
  • 30 September – September Surveillance – Bee reports

General Business: Letter to Duncan Cotterrill – no response has been received.

Field Day

– 28 October 2018 Kai Iwi Honey Hosts.
$25.00 Members $35.00 – non members –
Wanganui Bee Club – to do BBQ lunch – Fundraiser –
(please note this is an amendment to the 4 September minutes which stated the BBQ lunch was provided)

If attendees would like to join our group the extra $10 can go towards their registration fee.

Programme: 10 am – 3 pm

  • Swarm Control Gary/Kevin/Allan
  • Varroa Treatments Gary / Kevin/Allan
  • Alcohol Wash Frank/ Chris
  • Feeding Hives Danielle and Brent
  • Nosema Haylee Pagert
  • Queen introduction Allan and the Mason Boys

Neil / Vaughan/ Danielle to bring along their syrup tanks
Kai Iwi will be having a display of their products they sell
Kate to sort out Raffles - Waireka/Gavin/ Ecrotek/Kai Iwi sponsoring these.
Kate will sort out coffee/tea etc
Mary-Ann is sorting out the flyer
Kate to send Adam Rundle Ecrotek – application to join our group.

Slovenian Student – Frank has sent to letter inviting him to come – he is currently waiting to get his visa sorted – he will apply on a student visa – once he has this confirmed dates for his arrival can be set. A draft itinerary for him has been prepared.
Allan has Student coming from the Solomon Island – also another student a Fijian Indian arriving in January.

Allan raised concern about the information the Minister is getting about beekeeping – he appears to lack knowledge about the practice of beekeepers and some question is he being misinformed. Allan will discuss a joint letter with NZ Beekeeping highlighting this and our concerns so the Minister is left with no doubt that as beekeepers we want him to have good knowledge about what we do so he can make informed decisions.

Commodity Levy

– Vaughan talked about his experience with the Forrestry Commodity Levy. Was very positive about what it has done for that industry and the about model they have used.

Ian McKelvey National MP for this area attended the afternoon section of our meeting – he gave a talk about his bill Rustling livestock that he is try to get through parliament. This bill has been amended and will include theft of beehives. He also listened to our concerns about AFB management agency. His suggestion if we have concerns also write to local MPs. He will forward a list of them. He has joined our group.

Primary Ito – Kate has information regarding apprenticeships if anyone would like this please contact me.

Round Up – found in honey imported into the USA their FDA have found it. Midlands can help with testing of this.

Frank suggested we put together a survey for beekeepers to gauge what is happening for the beekeepers regarding not being able to sell their honey. How much Beekeepers are hurting - An Unsold Honey Survey.

Next Meeting

: Next meeting dates - 6 November 2018

Field Day

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