Southern North Island Beekeeping Group Ltd

Meeting of the Southern North Island Beekeeping Group

Held at Newbury Hall Palmerston North – 6 November 2018 10:30 am

Present: Mary-Ann and Frank Lindsay, Gary Sinkinson, Neil Farrer, Kate Smith, Peter Meyer, Maree Docherty, Anne Hulme, Trevor Gillbanks, Tony Coard, Chris Valentine, Colin Greig, Allan Richards, ,Gavin Lambert, ,Lawrie Duncan, Gaylene Reid, Ben Phiri Daniel Mason, Matthew Mason, Louise Bayel,

Apologies: Kevin Gibbs , Tony Valentine, Brent Morgan, Paul Jenkins,

Minutes of the Previous Meeting: these have been emailed to everyone and also read out at the meeting.
Moved: Trevor / Seconded: Mary-Ann - Carried

Matters Arising:

Pathogen Programme – MPI have now realized the significance of this project and will purchase the freezer and have it stored at Wallaceville. There are still protocols to be workout out. There is a guaranteed storage there until June 2019.

Allan Richard was thanked for driving this initiative and all the work he has done on it.

The letter to BQual has been sent, along with information about our Risk Management Programme.

Trevor has sorted out a hive for testing with the AFB kit.

Kate will follow up list of MPs from Ian McKelvie.

Letter from NZ Beekeeping received via email 6 November 2018. Copies of the letter distributed. They have invited us to work with them on the Proposed Commodity Levy to obtain a “No” vote. They would welcome our involvement with this. There was much discussion about this and what we wanted as a group, the following motion was put forward.


SNI Beekeeping Group will form a subcommittee of 4 members to put together a Memorandum of Understanding so that we can work together with NZ Beekeeping Inc on matters of mutual interest.
4 x sub committee members nominated – Neil, Allan. Louise, Gary
Moved Frank /seconded Trevor : Voted as follows – For 18 – Against 1 – abstention - nil

A vote was taken to gauge how the group felt about the proposed Commodity Levy put forward as follows –
If you are not happy about the Proposed Commodity Levy put forward by ApiNZ
Vote – For - 18 Against 1 – abstention - nil

Jernej Bubnic has put his application in – Mary-Ann is the guarantor for his sponsorship. Still awaiting for confirmation of approval before we get an arrival date.

Correspondence -5 October – to 6 November

  • 13/10 – email Sarah McMillan – she will put the info about Field Day in their newsletter and FB page.
  • 15/10 – email Roger and Linda AFB PM
  • 18/10 – email from Jernej Bubnic- response from Franks email outlining the host details
  • 1 /10 – Email to Mary Ann from Karin Kos refunds from the Branch
  • 30/10 – Emails Neil/Roger re AFB Budget information being sent to the branch
  • 31/10 – email from Rob Owens Ecrotek
  • 2/11 - - email from Ecrotek and MPI Mike Taylor responses from my Thankyou email.
  • 6/11 – letter from NZ Beekeeping Inc. re- joining with them on the issue of Proposed commodity levy


  • 26/10 – Sponsorship Application for Jernej Bubnic.
  • 26/10 Franks Submission re AFB Budget – copy to ApiNZ CEO, and Primary Industries Committee.
  • 31/10 – Thankyou Emails sent to Gavin, Trev, Ecrotek, Kai iwi Honey, NZ Beeswax, Neil, MPI Mike Taylor, Maurice Jupp for the loan of the BBQ Trailer.

Financial Report:

–tabled Income and Expenses report from our Field Day. Current account $3300.93
Great result from the Field Day. 85 attendees.
We currently have 135 paid up members – 18,000 hives - there are still more coming in. Motion put forward to pay the outstanding accounts and to repay the Education Trust the $500.00 start up loan.
Moved Mary-Ann/Seconded Neil – carried

General Business:

Trees for Bees – the request for assistance was received July 2018 and tabled for November. The request is for assistance for Trees for Bees Sustainable Farming Fujnd Project for 2019 – 22. The title of this project is Building Bee Capacity To Support Rural Growth. Approved $1000.00 per annum for 3 years – Kate to forward a letter needs to be sent to the Education Trust requesting these funds.

Matthew Mason had the opportunity to do some work experience in Germany with a beekeeper in 2017. The beekeeper would be keen to have someone else come over. If anyone is interested in doing this can contact Matthew for contact details.

The email from Karin Kos 1 October regarding funds of the Southern North Island Branch and a typo error. Neil has prepared a detailed draft reply. This was read out at the meeting and approved to be sent. Gary to sign the letter.

Ben Phiri from MPI exotic surveillance programme gave a talk about his role. He is keen to make contact with beekeepers to gauge their views on bio- security what they consider is needed - how they feel he could help.

Clinton King AFB PMP General Manager called to discuss the Agency and what it is trying to achieve. He came a presentation on their future programme. The floor was opened up for a very robust discussion and questions. Clinton was given clear views on individual members opinions on the agency and its historical performance.

Gary has been approached by the family in the East Coast area who had major issues with multitude of bees flying around their drive way. In the next few weeks the bees will be coming back to the apiary site where the problems occurred last year. There are concerns from the parents and Gary about the safety for their children. Gary has approached council they do not have any affective solution. Suggestions for Gary was to write a letter to the Company who owns the bees outlining the problem and requesting that the bees be shifted – or /and getting a journalist involved to run a story on it.

Meeting Closed at 3:00 pm –

Next Meeting – Xmas meeting to be held at Gary Sinkinsons home – 1 December 2018. – BBQ – BYO drink and Salad etc. Meat Provided-4:00 pm for the meeting please rsvp to Kate please for numbers

Southern North Island Beekeeping Group Ltd