Southern North Island Beekeeping Group Ltd


These include monthly meetings and field day notices.

MEETINGS: We generally hold our monthly meeting on the first Tuesday of each month in the Newbury Hall, just north-west of Palmerston North on State Highway 3.
10.00am a cup of tea and catch-up. Meeting starts at 10.30am. Minutes, general business, reports and then anybody can bring up any issue with their bees or anything. Guest speaker at 1pm. Meetings are generally finished by 2.30pm. Bring your own lunch as there are no shops nearby.

Christmas meeting. Generally we are too busy to hold a day meeting in December unless there is something urgent, however we do hold a Christmas get together one evening in early December for everybody including wives and partners.

FIELD DAYS: We normally try to run two field days a year; spring and autumn. These are generally held in different locations at either a country hall or a beekeepers honey house. We have a moderate charge for field days as the profit (if any) helps run the organisation.

CAMP RANGI: Every two to three years, we help the Trust to run a weekend training camp which consists of seminars and practical hands on beekeeping at Camp Rangi Woods in the Pohangina Trust reserve. Maximum 125 persons with camp bunk accommodation for 70 persons. Camper vans welcome.

Other groups field days notices will be put up if we receive them.

Projects on the go:

Minus 80ºC freezer to store the MPI Pathogen Programme samples for posterity and for genuine research. MPI is still working out the protocols before we start fund raising. Goal $20,000.

Project Helena. Sponsor a young Slovenian beekeeper for the summer season so that he/she gets practical knowledge in NZ Beekeeping.

2019 - Jernej Bubniĉ is now in the country and working with our group.

RMP Verification: We would like to see competition in the RMP verification to reduce costs. We are approaching B-Qual in Australia to see if they are interested.

Southern North Island Beekeeping Group Ltd